paradox. (violetdarko) wrote in heaviestsword,


I've been nominated at magicawards ! I can't believe it, usually I don't get nomination in this kind of awards! Thanks so much to my lovely friends, nicolemissing & afeastforme . If you want you can vote for me here for fringe icons and here for skins icons.

edit: whoa! two other nomination, one for most creative/unique and one for best overall (thanks to the crazy teh_haley , she always surprise me this kind of things, thank you so much <3)
And please be sure to watch all the nomination and be sure to vote your favourites! There's way too many people I'd like to post here but I'm afraid I'll forgot someone... so just a few... be sure search for nicolemissing , afeastforme , wandererjulia , cinnamonstreet , faithforgiven and flatlined nominations! Plus all the other people I forgot about, I'm sorry :((
Tags: awards
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